that shipping is an extremely important part of global trade and the world economy is self-evident, and whilst it is obvious that large volumes of various commodities are transported every day from country to country, few people know what happens to enable these cargoes to be moved. how do you find a ship to carry the cargo you have just sold to an overseas buyer or how do you secure a vessel if you want to be a shipowner? 

the answer is to talk to 
logitrans international

the role of a charter broker is to act as an intermediary between parties to a contract, whether they are shipowners or charterers.

involved in most stages of negotiation the broker   is responsible for presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of the fixture, finalizing the details of the contract, following the transaction through to its conclusion and retaining close involvement in all aspects of the post fixture work.

so whether you need a full or part charter, shipping minerals, steel, project or agri-products look to
logitrans international chartering for reliable, dependable tonnage.

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